Science & Faith

What Is Scientism?

One of the challenges that we face as believers is dealing with the question of how our faith intersects with "science."  They do not conflict when we understand that it is God Who created and sustains the order that the Scientific Method observes. The problem arises when the scientific method goes from a tool (an excellent one by the way) to discover order and associations to the only validator of all truth.  When this happens it is called "Scientism." 

  • Scientism is a Belief System

    • ​Scientism maintains that only through science is truth defined. Anything that cannot be validated through the scientific method is irrelevant or not true (truth.)

    • Scientism uses science in its quest to validate its belief system. The reason why it is a belief system is that its main proposition cannot be verified by the scientific methodology.

  • How Would You Describe Scientism?

    • ​It is the underlying philosophy taught in most, if not all, secular schools

    • It leads to the world view that either there is no God or that He is irrelevant.

    • It promotes a belief system because its major proposition can be neither proved nor denied by the scientific method.

As a believer in the God of the Bible, I enjoy the order that the scientific methodology reveals. The reason is that as we discover more we see the awe-inspiring greatness of the Creator, Builder, and Sustainer Who designed, built, and sustains what we see around us. I also know that it is within God's right and power to suspend this order at any time. We would call these times miracles. 

So is it possible to love the Lord and enjoy the sciences at the same time? I believe the answer to be "yes," as long as we remember that science is a tool that leads to the glory of God!