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What is a Leader? - influencer or dictator

Here again, if we were to make history as our guide, we would say that a leader can be either. But for us, who know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, our best and only example is the Lord Jesus Himself. One of the key things about Jesus' leadership is that He brought people from where they were to where they needed to be. In other words, He led them.

He led them with the truth. He is the Truth. (John 4:24)

He led them with compassion. (Matt. 9:36)

He led them with purpose. (Luke 19:10)

He led them with love. (Rom. 8:39)

So what is a Christ-centered leader? He or she is not a dictator. To begin with, a Christ-centered leader is a person who is growing in their love for the Lord and others. Out of this love, he or she is a person whose heart's desire is to see others love the Lord and love others in Jesus' name. They are actively involved in helping others along in this journey. They emulate Jesus in His unwavering commitment to the truth, they display His deep compassion for others, they stay focused on His purpose to make His disciples of all of the nations and they are motivated by His love.

Sometimes they are the people out in front where everyone can see them. Other times they are individuals whose names we will never know but, they will receive the greatest praise when our Heavenly Father says to them, "Well done good and faithful servant …" Matt 25:21

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