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On Being a Christ Centered Leader

Is a leader one who can see the distant horizon and see where we need to go? Or is a leader one who can see what path to take to get us up the mountain? There are many different types of leaders in the world. There are political leaders, military leaders, community leaders, business leader, just to name a few of them. All of them have their own set of methods to achieve a particular end and their motives can be just as varied. This makes it difficult to define what a leader is. But what about Christian leaders? I guess the same could be said for them. But if I become more specific and we talk about Christ centered leaders, then we can begin to move to clarity. We then can answer the question, what is Christ centered leadership? What we plan to cover next, God willing of course, is listed below. My hope is that the Lord will walk with us and we with Him as He teaches and guides by His Holy Spirit using His Word.

What is a leader? - Influencer or dictator?

Motive - For the love of self or for the love for God and others?

Goals - God ordained or from the court of public opinion?

Methods - Defined by God's Word or the mob?

Approval ratings - Social media or the approval of One?

Self worth - The accolades of many or the finished work of One?

May God richly bless you as you lead in Christ's name.

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