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Goals - God Ordained or From the Court of Public Opinion?

As we lead, what is it that we are trying to accomplish? What is it that we want to see from all of our hard work? In other words, what is our goal? In this world of social media it is quite amazing to see how much our values are shaped by the opinions of others.

In 21st century western evangelical Christianity (boy, that is a mouthful) it is easy to measure ourselves in the same way as those outside of Christ measure themselves. Some of the "old school" metrics would be how much money we make or what is the size of our house or what kind of car we drive. Some of the more contemporary metrics could be how many friends we have on our social media site or how many likes we have on our video sharing platform or how many followers we have on our online news and social networking site.

These metrics can easily become our main goals. They can easily consume us where most of our time is spent thinking on how to improve these "scores." If they do, our Christian leadership is no longer Christ centered leadership. Jesus never let His objectives be driven by the opinions of others or the "court of public opinion." In John 4:34, Jesus said that His "food" or "nourishment" was to do the will of Him who sent Jesus. He remained faithful to this.

When we take on the worlds measurement system(s), such as the number of people that visit our services or the size of our facility or the magnitude of our budget it could be that we have replaced a Christ-centered leadership to a self-centered leadership. It could be a sign that we are measuring ourselves through our accomplishments rather than the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

So, what should our goals be from God's perspective? We saw from the previous post that our motive is a love for God first, followed by a love for others. It is here that I would like to introduce the concept of kingdom building. From the conventional use of this term we think that we are trying to give God more "territory." But this is not Biblical because it is clear that God already owns everything and He has given Jesus all authority over heaven and earth. (Matt 28:18) He already has all of the "territory" of heaven and earth.

So what do I mean by kingdom building? Simply stated, it is that more and more people would recognize (love and revere) that Jesus is Lord and King. This recognition takes place both from within and without. It happens from within ourselves as our love for Christ grows and this love and reverence changes our attitudes and action. It happens from without as we participate in activities that help others love and revere Christ as Lord and King. It is here that we find our goal. Our goal is to see more and more people love and revere Him out of our love and reverence for Him. In other words, our goal is to kingdom build out of a love for Jesus and a love for others.

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