Our Purpose

The purpose of Stone Gate Bible Fellowship is:

1. To GLORIFY GOD. This is the duty of the church and the precious privilege of every member of it. Principally, out of a love for Christ, glorifying God involves an individual's actions, attitudes, words, and how he/she manages those things (time, talent, resources) that God has placed in his/her care (stewardship). This involves our individual lives as well as the life we experience together as a fellowship of believers. Our main corporate gathering is our weekly worship service designed to facilitate our people's praise of God.

2. To GROW IN CHRIST LIKENESS. The second important purpose of Stone-Gate Bible Fellowship is to encourage spiritual growth in the hearts of its people. The Bible never talks about Christians or the church in static terms; instead, they are to be continually growing in their love for Christ and learning more about Him. This growth is expressed through service to God, to each other, and to the world.  As a church, we fulfill this purpose through Biblical preaching, prayer, Christian education, Fellowship, Bible study groups, and pastoral care activities.

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3. To MAKE NEW DISCIPLES. Christ commanded us to make new disciples of people from around the world.  We believe it is our responsibility to live winsome lives in our community that we might be used of God to proclaim the greatness of God which will result in drawing others to Jesus. We recognize and embrace that God is building His kingdom all over the world and that it is our privilege to send and support those who serve to the same end.


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