About Us

Stone Gate Bible Fellowship is…


…an EVANGELICAL Church. We believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is a message that needs to be proclaimed to the whole world.

…a BIBLICAL Church. We believe that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God in all matters of faith and practice.

…a COMMUNITY Church. We welcome individuals from varied backgrounds who love Jesus Christ or are seeking to know and love Him more. 


…an INDEPENDENT Church. Our church is not officially linked to any denomination, council, or other organization. However, we consider ourselves spiritually related to all like-minded churches.


…a GROWING Church. We are a church desiring to grow both spiritually and numerically! Because growth sometimes requires change, we are willing to be flexible and try new ideas in order to be culturally relevant, while maintaining uncompromising Biblical standards.


…a CARING Church. We try to shoulder each other's problems and cares as the Lord commanded His disciples to do.


…an IMPERFECT Church! Try as we might, we know that churches are made up of well-intentioned, but fallible, people who fall short of Christ's perfect and holy standards. Still, we strive to be more effective for His sake, not our own.


…a BIBLICALLY GOVERNED Church. In accordance with Scripture, our church is administered by Biblically-qualified, congregationally-recognized Elders.


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